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  • Stephen Perera


    “Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert Camus

  • Sharon Zuiderveld


    Couldn't be happier for both of you! What a romantic, wonderful adventure. You'll remember it forever. It was a brilliant idea!

  • Aunt Glenda & Uncle Pete


    AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS! We are so glad we met you both last Feb 2011 sharing a delicious lunch in that unique restaurant. And have pictures! Hope to see you again soon now married! (Maybe at Nathaniel's wedding Aug 4? - RZ is the organist!) Love you both and BEST WISHES for your lives together! Aunt Glenda & Uncle Pete

  • Ken and Fifi


    Yeah! We are so happy for you two!!!! Marriage is a truly beautiful experience and we have found that it keeps getting better with time. "Being married is like having somebody permanently in your corner, it feels limitless, not limited."- Gloria Steinem Lots of love--Ken and Fifi P.S. I can't wait to see that beautiful ring!!!!! ; )

  • Derek and Tara Clark


    Wow! When we got the postcard, instantly thought "did they get hitched??" You guys are so crafty! What a fabulous destination to elope. One question for you jet setting all stars: Krick or Nissy? On the serious side, we are so thrilled for you two. Although we don't see you often, whenever we're with you two there is such a good energy around. What a beautiful place to get hitched and what beautiful people to have found eachother. We wish you so many more years of laughs, love and sharing not only the good but the bad in life with eachother. Congratulations! ~Derek and Tara

  • Christy Veltman & Mike den Haan


    Congratulations Cousins! How lovely for you to share this special experience with us in this way. Hope you may come to my brother's wedding in IN this Summer. I put you on the guest list. It would be wonderful to see you again.

  • Erika B.


    I love you two times a thousand. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Advice? Pfft, how could I give advice to the two of you? You set the bar for love, respect, and the amazing friendship and fun we all hope to find in a life partner. Thank you for getting married... I, too, have the inexplicable romantic idea of marriage. Keep the surprises coming. xo E.

  • Maria


    Yay! What a wonderful way to celebrate your journey through life together!

  • Jes Larson


    I just got teary eyed at your wedding! Thank you so much for sharing this great event with James and I. We hope we can celebrate with you soon in person. We're about to celebrate our first anniversary, so I'm not about to give you advise, but but it's true what people have said, een though its just a piece of paper, somehow being married is better! I hope you keep discovering new depths and delights your marriage. Way to go! Jes (and James)

  • Heather


    EFF. YEAH. you two! Congrats!

  • Marie


    QUE BELLA!! How wonderful, you two. Congratulations!!! I couldn't be more happy for you... and SUCH a fitting ceremony and celebration. I'm actually surprised that I am not more surprised! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world - if that is even possible for someone to wish for. Now, when do WE get to celebrate?

  • Lou Ann Gilhooly


    What a Mother's Day surprise—and I became a mother-in-law with no advance warning. The surprise is not that it happened, but that it happened in this way. However, knowing my daughter, it really shouldn't be a surprise at all. I hope you celebrate every day of your lives the same way you have celebrated the last 3 weeks. love to you both, mom

  • Antje Sliger


    hello Krissy and Nick, I wish you all the best in your Life together. that truly was a surprise and you look so beautiful and Nick handsome. the whole story couldn't have been written better in a book.You are a perfectionist just like your Mom. Antje

  • Allegro Graphics


    Darcey cried because she wasn't invited :) Many congrats from the Graphics Department at Allegro! We're very please that your marriage ceremony involved at little bit of plotting and a little bit of trickery. It makes us very proud!

    • Marie


      Poor, poor Darcey. Hey wait...None of us was invited! Nice one, Gilhooly!

  • James + Cristina Dunseth


    Congratulations, N+K! We are simply thrilled for you both! How apropos--your wedding looked amazing, thoughtful, and creative, just like you both. We look forward to celebrating with you soon. xo, C+J

  • The Lintons


    Krissy--Congratulations! We're so happy that your mom shared your site with us. The pictures and story were captivating and it was wonderful to see what a beautiful woman you have become--not exactly the "river rat" we remember. We know that Nick is one smart man. We're happy for you both!

  • Jane Knauf


    Congrats to you both! - Krissy, you look beautiful!

  • Whit


    We completely get it. The reservations, the giving in to it, the eloping. Even the monkey and the turtles make sense. You are two wonderful people that deserve each other. We look forward to some hugs of congratulations. Welcome to the flawed but somehow still meaningful tradition of marriage.

  • Daniel Brannan


    Ahhh Nick the trickster! I am so very happy for the both of you. We should all be so lucky!

  • Ann Marie Morrow


    Krissy - I had a sense that something wonderful was awaitng you and Nick. Somewhere - sometime - somehow -- and did you ever deliver ! What you created for each other radiated all the spirit and talent for living well that has been your special brand since you were young. You make marriage look good and it is! Ann Marie Morrow

  • carolyn mckee


    Krissy and Nick, Everything about this story is so perfect for you two. You are inspirational and are so loved. I look forward to hearing about your future adventures together and hope to see you both soon. I miss you!!! xxoo ~Carolyn

  • Loren


    This was one of the craziest, most fun experiences I have ever had. So glad to be a part of this event! And so happy for you two!

    • Krissy & Nick


      It was so much fun having you there Loren! Truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and I'm so glad you were a part of it. -Nick

  • Becky


    I got just as teary eyed reading and looking at this as any wedding I've seen in person. So romantic! What a sweet way to make things official. Love to you both!

  • Natalie and Jeremy Bradford


    Gilhooligan! I had a feeling something was up when you were "updating your address book!" Jeremy and I both said "Krissy's getting married!" I love how you did it and I love your story and Jeremy and I love you! Congrats to you and Nick. It looks like it was an amazing adventure from the start. Enjoy your lives together. I don't think you guys need any advice, so just take it all in and ENJOY being married!

  • Buddy


    So happy for you Gihooly, and glad you found someone to make you happy, best wishes to you both:-) Much Love, Forever Buddy

  • GW & Glenn


    Yay, congratulations, you two! You both looks so beautiful/handsome! Krissy, I can totally relate to your feeling differently about marriage once you were engaged. Glenn and I had the same experience during our wedding ceremony. You become joined in a different way. And this is the reason marriage is still a viable institution, I believe. Can't wait to see you back in the States! safe travels -- gw & glenn

  • Tyler Schang


    Congratulations to the both of you. A couple of beautiful peas in a pod you are and what a wonderful place to make it happen! I love the video! -Ty Schang

  • Jim & Julia


    We couldn't be happier for you two. Your choice of location for your wedding certainly surpassed our choice of 26 years ago (Bishop, Calif.) However, if you think this web site makes up for not being invited you are so wrong! We love you both (& Lassie).

  • Zach, Elsa and the Bean


    You know how happy this makes us! We are over the moon for you both and we couldn't have asked for a better "surprise"! We wish you both many years of adventures (& fun surprises), happiness, laughter, and love. We are very blessed to have such wonderful people like you in our lives! Cheers to a perfectly sweet "Nick & Krissy" Wedding!

  • Jack Hayden


    Krissy, I think back to the time I drove you to Portland and how sad I was on my flight back to Denver. However it makes me very happy to see you and Nick so full of life and taking on the world in your own unique but sneaky way. So perhaps finding your soul mate in Portland was the silver lining to that trip. Nick, welcome to the family. Best wishes to you both—Jack.

  • Andy Wex


    Wow! I just got this postcard yesterday! What a completely spectacular way to get engaged and married! I love the stories! I love the video! I love the soundtrack! I love using exclamation points!!! I am so pleased to get this news. My fondest regards to you both, and I can't wait to congratulate you in person. -Andy

  • Zoe


    Heyy Krissy! I miss you so much. I got an email from Jessy telling me to check it out so i have been reading it all. Im soo happy for you and i hope you have a life full of amazing memories because you deserve it. I hope I can see you sometime soon, I'm growing up to fast and your going to miss it!! Come visit! I hope you are doing well. And you looked absolutely gorgeous in each and every picture. The whole Behrens & Dolgan family says CONGRATS<3

  • Micah Malone


    What a great story! I almost teared up going through the website... You guys are so great together and I couldn't be happier for you. Best of luck and lots of love! -Micah

  • Karyn Kendall-Edens


    Dear Krissy and Nick, I can't think of two finer people to merge their lives in love and wonder! I, of course, just cried and cried when watching your video (thank goodness, I was not at the wedding!!) because it put me right there with you, experiencing all the delicious details. You were a truly BEAUTIFUL bride, Krissy; your dress and how you put it all together was so elegant, yet relaxed and refined, and you, Nick, looked so handsome in that light suit. BEST of all, both of you radiated so much love for one another. Thank you for sharing the lovely setting, the monkeys and turtles, and your contagious JOY in such a unique and FUN way! And, PS. with thankfully, much too late advice to Nick: EVERY woman wants to be matter what they say or think they believe, and how you surprised Krissy was perfect--not to mention giving her that dazzling ring with meaningful family sentiment. CLASS act, all the way around, you two! Paul and I send our love and best wishes for a deeply rewarding and wonderful marriage. I hope you will come over with EZB when you are back home so we can have an excuse to crack open a bottle of bubbly or wine to celebrate your newly married life!! Lots and lots of love!

  • Steve Lee


    Congratulations to a wonderful couple! What a fantastic idea to elope; it fits just right with how you both feel about weddings. It looks like you guys had an amazing time: Thanks for so diligently documenting everything so we could all enjoy it back home! All The Best, Steve.

  • Gwyne Presser


    Congrats Nick and Krissy. Krissy, you looked so beautiful in your dress, you seemed to be glowing. Nick looked very handsome as well. Ella told me she wants to come to Portland and meet the new bride and groom. We will have to plan something soon. Love Gwyne, Neil and Ella

  • tim wright


    well done nothing quite like a well executed non traditional wedding. congrats to you guys and best wishes on your journey. tim

  • Michael Beach


    Still crying. At work. Congratulations to you both. Such a beautiful site for a beautiful moment in your lives. Thank you so much for sharing it. I always have the best wishes for you, but now you get a few extra, and these are blurry eyed. Love you!

  • Patrinka


    Tears of joy for you both. Lovely as could be and a beautiful way to share! I know you need no advice as you are both each others dearest friends. That is all you need. Love, Love, Love!

  • Mark


    This is awesome! Congrats you guys! The scenery is beautiful!

  • Tonia


    Wow! What a fabulous way to get married! I am SO happy for you both! 29 years in, I can say marriage is a heck of an adventure, and wonderful, crazy and just good! Congratulations!

  • Steve Turmell


    Congrats to you both! Enjoy the adventure and may there be many days of wicked fun together.

  • Jesse & Andra


    Congratulations Nick & Krissy, We are so happy for you. Your wedding looks so beautiful and you both look so happy together! We wish you all the happiness in the world! Love, Jesse, Andra, Laney, & Hallie

  • Peg Erickson Elwood


    Nick and Krissy, Glad to hear the news of your wedding-- it looks like you found a perfect way to celebrate the joining of your lives! I thought perhaps Megan and Andy would be the ones to have the smallest wedding imaginable--- but you topped them. (They had nine guests, one officiant, and themselves at their wedding eleven years ago in July.) Wishing you all the best in the years ahead! Peg

  • Rudy (Dad)


    How Romantic! Sharon and I are extremely pleased and happy for both of you. Nice how you've made it a family affair, and thanks for the calls from Gib. I suppose it's not really an elopement (something Sharon and I had considered AFTER our event!), since you've included your dearest friends, and invited us all to participate (even belatedly--I'm slow at getting to my email). To inject a religious note, a favorite psalm is No. 133--paraphrased in a hymn in remember from very young: "How good and pleasant is the sight when brethren make it their delight to dwell in blessed accord!" That's Nick and Loren! And also a very proud younger Mark, who loves to be near you two. Thanks so much for feeling a part of our family Krissy! We love you very much--you're so fun and sensitive and considerate to others--look at all those friends who are writing you!! Now we'll plan a chance to meet other friends whenever you can return to J'ville. Love, Dad

  • Ashley


    Life is not a race. Bird poop on your head is good. And it takes work to keep it together. These are my words of advice. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this – definitely a wonderful time. I hope you have many laughs and many wonderful breakfasts together. Lots of love to you both, lil a.

  • Elaine and Dennis


    Congratulations, Nick and Krissy ! Sharon called us the other night and asked....Are you near your computer ? So we checked it out immediately-- what happy news! and a great story that you will enjoy talking about for all the years to come. The photos are wonderful! What a handsome and happy couple! Your comments were heartwarming, and I loved Krissy's words about feeling a bit differently about your relationship when you became engaged. I remember when Carl and Helen were married (about 4 years ago), Pastor John asked them, "Do you know each other well?" And, of course, the answer was yes :-) ... but then Pastor John added that things would be a bit different now when they introduced each other as "This is my wife," and "This is my husband." May you be blessed with much love and happiness through the years! love, Elaine and Dennis

  • Janet & Bob Koepp


    The person you choose and why you decide to share your lives in marriage is so much more important than when, where, or how you actually get married. That said, your wedding was amazingly beautiful, romantic and done in high style! Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness together!!

  • Lyle & Marilyn


    Looks like you really had fun!! Wish we had known about it earlier. Congratulations we are happy for you both!!! We look forward to seeing you newlyweds soon!!! Glad you found someone to share your life with!! Love, Marilyn & Lyle

  • Jolene and Ryan


    We loved reading about about how much you both adore, care for and love each other. Your story is uniquely yours and in our opinion, fabulous! We love you two as a couple and it only makes sense that you picked each other. We look forward to congratulating you in person. Much love and...what an awesome website and postcard!! xo, Jolene and Ryan

  • Jennifer and Doug Farmer


    Congratulations to you both!! I love the web site, and I love that you did what you felt was right for you..... We are both very happy for you. My mom and your dad were at our house when you called him to tell him that you got married, he was smiling from ear to ear, of course mom was too!! Congratulations again, we hope to see you both, somehow, sometime soon. Xoxo

  • Royce & Becca Jones


    Nick, Krissy, We wish you all the best, and we love the Video! Good work! Royce & Becca

  • Krissy & Nick


    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments, it was a pleasure hearing from each of you! At this time we are closing the comment section, but if you would like to send us any additional thoughts, please do so via email. Thanks!

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