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Using the KingSize WordPress Slider

To enable your Homepage Background Slider, make sure that inside the Theme Settings, you’ve already enabled this feature.

From this point, beneath the KingSize WP menu option you will see “Background Slider“, you’ll want to select this menu item…

Uploading Slider Images

When inside the “Background Slider” section, at the very top you will see the option to “Choose File” and when clicked will open a new window that allows you to select from your desktop (or anywhere within your computer) the images you want used within the slider. Now select the image and click “Open” once you’ve decided which image you want used. You can upload a maximum of 10 at a time.

Managing Slider Images

Now that you’ve uploaded those images, you probably want to organize them to display in the order you want. So from top to bottom, the rotation is in this order. You can easily drag and drop those images in the order you want at which point once dropped into place they are automatically saved in that order. You can re-order these images at anytime you wish, simply by repeating these steps.

Managing Slider Preferences

Now if you want to manage the direction, transition types, intrevals (in seconds) or to disable the background slider, you just need to head back to the “General Theme Settings” and scroll down till you see the section titled “Homepage Background Slider Preferences” and make the changes you desire to see made. Each option has beside it a helpful tooltip when mousing over the questionmark icon.

Disabling the Slider

To disable the slider just go into the General Theme Settings and uncheck the enabled slider box. You will want to make sure that the “Global Background Preferences” has an image uploaded and saved as this will become your static single background image on the homepage. With no image assigned here as your background, the homepage will by default show a black and unoccupted background.

For further assistance, please visit http://www.kingsizetheme.com/help.